Transportation to and from Agia Marina, Aegina Island

Transportation to and from Agia Marina, Aegina Island, in the blink of an eye!

If you arrive directly in Agia Marina with the ferry, you will discover a good choice of transportation options on Aegina Island.

The Aegina Island bus schedule linked below shows that the bus will take you from Agia Marina to Aegina town in about 30 minutes and pass by 3 of the island’s 7 Wonders.

You will find, in the article below, the links to

The Bus Schedule

The Taxi Website (for booking)

Car, ATV, Scooter and Electric bike Rental information

From Agia Marina to Aegina Town


Having a taxi waiting at the station opposite the B52 Cafe is rare. But you can easily contact them through their website

Bus Station in Agia Marina

Car, ATV and Scooter rental


When staying at Oneiro, your host will help you connect with the best price for car rental and organise your booking.

Scooter, electric bike and ATV

On the main street of Agia Marina, you will find Matias Rental with a good choice of well maintain rental and good prices.

From Aegina Town to Agia Marina


Buses operate about 3 to 4 times per day during winter time and more frequently from Easter to Autumn (from the kick start of the tourists’ season to the first days of school).

Find the schedule of the local bus here 


The taxi station is situated right outside the port, in front of the boat ticket booth. There is a poster displaying all the popular destinations on the island and the average cost to reach each of them. This makes the pricing transparent and easy to understand, giving you the confidence and security to travel by taxi.

Transportation Map Aegina