Hiking Holiday in Greece - Agia Marina on Aegina Island

Hiking in Aegina? One of the best spots for hiking in Greece awaits you just one hour from Athens!

You are looking for your next Spring or Autumn destination? You might have found it!

Aegina Island is one of the loveliest hiking spots on the Saronic Sea! And we found the perfect base to enjoy some quiet and stunning views: Agia Marina!

From Agia Marina you can enjoy historical trail or coastline walks.

Let us take you one of the favorite season for nature lovers, the autumn. At that season Agia Marina, a small island town transforms as the seasons is ending. When tourists leave the island, Agia Marina’s population decreases from 1,500 to 250 for the winter months.

Hiking in Aegina Island from Autumn to Spring

The once-busy sandy beach becomes quiet, most restaurants are closing for the season but a couple remain open for the people living here and people like you looking for a quiet and cosy base to enjoy hiking in Greece.

As the winter season sets in, the calm and peaceful atmosphere welcomes new growth, with fresh grass and vibrant flowers blooming all around. The olive tree groves, which were once green and lush, are now painted with a beautiful palette of purple, yellow, and red colours. The sweet-scented Jasmin flowers bloom once again, providing a second round of colour and fragrance before the two to three weeks of cold weather.

The walking paths that were closed during the summer to prevent bushfires and accidents are now reopening, inviting visitors to explore the stunning winter landscape. The sound of goat bells fills the air, as these animals roam the hillsides, providing a unique soundtrack to the winter season. It’s worth mentioning that Aegeans love to hike in winter, enjoying the crisp air, stunning views, and peaceful atmosphere that the island has to offer.

Nature is raw, colourful and green, and the contrast with the blue sea makes it even more beautiful!


Hiking Holidays on a Greek Island Aegina Island 2
Aphaia Temple Aegina Island
Hiking Holidays on a Greek Island Aegina Island 1

Hiking on Aegina Island between late September and mid-June, you will enjoy various breathtaking walks.

The island offers an extensive range of hiking trails that cater to different skill levels, from leisurely walks to more challenging and rocky hikes. This makes Aegina Island the perfect destination for a hiking holiday in Greece.

The best time to visit Aegina Island for hiking is from September to mid-June. During this period, all hiking trails are open, and you can explore the island’s natural beauty without any restrictions. However, January and February can be a bit chilly, so it is recommended to bring a jacket or a coat for the evening. Despite the occasional strong winds, you will likely experience mostly sunny days, and you may even be able to hike in a t-shirt.

Aegina Island is a paradise for nature lovers. You can relish hikes amidst picturesque landscapes, ranging from pistachio, olive, and almond fields to evergreen pine forests. The island’s natural beauty is enhanced by the bloom of vibrant wildflowers from autumn to spring, creating a spectacular display of colours for you to enjoy during your hikes.

In summary, Aegina Island is a perfect destination for a hiking holiday in Greece, offering a diverse range of trails that cater to all skill levels, and a breathtaking natural beauty that will leave you awe-struck.


Hiking in Aegina Island from Autumn to Spring
Hiking in Aegina Island from Autumn to Spring
Hiking in Aegina Island from Autumn to Spring

Your hiking holiday in Greece awaits you on Aegina Island

If you are an avid hiker looking for a unique, adventurous holiday destination, then Aegina Island is worth considering. The island is located in Greece and offers a plethora of beautiful walks and hikes for you to explore.

Some of the most popular hiking trails on Aegina Island include Aphaia Temple, Eleonas and its Centenary olive grove, Mount Ellanio (also known as Oros), and Paleochora with its ancient chapels. These trails offer breathtaking views of the island’s natural beauty, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage.

To make your hiking experience even more enjoyable, you can find some marked trails to add to your GPS app on aegina-hiking.com, a local association that takes care of marking the paths and painting their quality. Their volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the paths, ensuring they are safe and easy to navigate.

When you follow these trails, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the island, experience the local culture, and witness the stunning landscapes.

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a novice, Aegina Island offers an unforgettable hiking adventure that you will cherish forever.


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Milena Olive Tree Grove in Aegina Island
Paleochora - Hiking in Aegina Island from Autumn to Spring

Biking on Aegina Island

Bikers enjoying hilly landscapes will also be in for a treat. The vegetation blooms during these months, and the sea views from every side of Aegina Island are astonishing.

You can find potent electric bikes from rental places, but if biking is your hobby, you may want to bring yours for more comfort.

There are no trail yet proposed but following the main roads, you will already be in for a treat as they will lead you to the Aphaia Temple or the Mount Oros (you have got to love hills for this one if departing from Agia Marina, or anywhere on the island)