Getting to Agia Marina on Aegina Island

Getting to Agia Marina on Aegina Island.

Aegina Island, one of the Saronic Islands in Greece, is a popular tourist destination that is accessible throughout the year by ferries and speedboats. These transportation options operate with regular frequency, especially during the peak summer season, with almost hourly departures from the mainland.
The journey to Aegina Island by ferry or speedboat typically takes about 1h to 1h45 depending on if you hop on a speedboat or ferry.
The main port of the island is Aegina Town, which operates all year round. During Spring to Autumn, there is also a direct connection available from Agia Marina port.

Table of content

1. From Athens (Piraeus) to Agia Marina

  • From Athens Airport to Piraeus
  • Direct Speedboad
  • Ferry from Piraeus to Aegina Town

2. From Aegina Town to Agia Marina

  • Bus & Taxi

3. From Agia Marina to Aegina Town

  • Bus & Taxi

From Athens to Agia Marina on Aegina Island

Aegina Island is accessible all year round by ferries and speedboats several times per day. In summertime, the rotation frequency means that you have almost one ferry per hour reaching the island.

Ferries and speedboats to Aegina Island depart from GATE E8.

From Athens Aiport to Piraeus, the metro and bus are easy connections, taking you in about 1h/1h30 to the harbour. Taxi is also an option if you prefer to relax.

Average prices:

Transport Average price Approximate duration
Bus 5.50 € / 6.38 € 90 minutes
Metro / Train 9.-/10.- € 85 minutes
Taxi 56.-/76.- € 75 minutes

The Gate E8 is about 7 minutes walk from the Piraeus Metro Station and 3 minutes walk from the X96 Bus Station for the suttle

Hop on a direct speed boat from Piraeus to Agia Marina

Starting in 2023, the new port of Agia Marina began welcoming Hellenic Seaways’ Speedboat on a daily basis.

It’s great to see this direct connection opening up again and we’re excited to see it operating from Spring to Autumn.

The cost of the speedboat is approximately 19 euros and the duration of the trip is around 40 minutes.

Hop on board and enjoy the ride from Piraeus to Agia Marina!

Piraeus map for ferry to Aegina and Agia Marina

Go to GATE E8 to catch ferries or speedboats to Aegina or Agia Marina.

Ferry from Piraeus to Aegina Town

If the timetable does not match your flight plan or needs, multiple daily trips via ferry boats or speedboats operate from Piraeus to Aegina Town 365 days per year.

Once you arrive at Aegina Town port, you can take a taxi or bus for a 20- to 30-minute ride to Agia Marina.

The trip costs vary from 11.- to 15.- € per passenger, while a normal size car would cost around 50.-€. The trip duration is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes, depending on the ship.

During the summer months, Easter, or any religious date, if you plan to travel to Aegina with your car, booking your ticket in advance is recommended.

The ticket counters are right at the gate, but booking early is advised when travelling with car or in summer time.

From Aegina Town to Agia Marina


Buses operate about 3 to 4 times per day during winter time and more frequently from Easter to Autumn (from the kick start of the tourists’ season to the first days of school).

Find the schedule of the local bus here 


The taxi station is situated right outside the port, in front of the boat ticket booth. There is a poster displaying all the popular destinations on the island and the average cost to reach each of them. This makes the pricing transparent and easy to understand, giving you the confidence and security to travel by taxi.

Transportation Map Aegina

From Agia Marina to Aegina Town


In Agia Marina, the station is just in front of the B52 Cafe.

We suggest that you arrive at the station 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time to account for the possibility of the bus arriving early. Please note that the bus may not wait at the station. Furthermore, please be patient and understanding if there are minor delays due to traffic issues.

During the journey to Aegina town, the bus will make stops at Aphaïa Temple and Agio Nectarios Monastery.

Find the schedule of the local bus here 


It is rare to have a taxi waiting at the station opposite the B52 Cafe. But you can easily contact them through their website: aeginataxi.

Bus Station in Agia Marina